What is energy healing and how does it work?

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As an energy healer, I get asked these questions quite often, and I really wanted to make a piece of content that will make it easy for anyone to understand energetics.

But before going into what energy healing is and how it works, I think it’s important to first address some concepts that are key to the working of energetics.

And these are life force energy, and the energy field of the human body.

Life force energy

Life force energy is an invisible force that flows through and permeates all life on the planet.

And although it is invisible, it has been measured scientifically many times in the past.

But for the sake of keeping this short and straight to the point, I prefer to go over the details of the scientific experiment that have been conducted to measure life force energy or energy in general in future videos.

But let me give you a simple example here. Let’s compare life force energy to radio waves or wifi frequencies that are also invisible and cannot be perceived by humans. But they can be read and translated into their equivalent of information if you have the right device. In this case, it’s gonna be a radio device or a smartphone, or a computer.

Life force energy is referred to as Prana in Yoga. It’s also referred to as Chi in Chinese philosophy, and in Japan, they call it Ki. And it has many other names that have been given to it in different traditions and cultures around the world.

This life force energy exists in what is called the etheric level of reality or the etheric plane.

We all exist at different levels of reality at the same time. Everything that exists in our material or physical world, including ourselves, has moved down into manifestation through the different planes of existence. From the most subtle, which can be called source or infinite intelligence or the all or the mind of God, to the densest, which is the physical material word that we can perceive with our five senses.

And as energy and information move down these levels, and just before manifesting in the physical plane, it is first organized into patterns at the etheric level as a blueprint for the physical creation.

And funny enough, this etheric plane is where the invisible radio waves and wifi frequencies also exist. And that’s also where the human energy field is manifested.

The human energy field

The human energy field, which is also called the aura, is the bridge between the manifestation of your consciousness in higher realms of existence and the material manifestation of your body in the physical plane.

The human energy field is also invisible, but it can be easily captured and perceived with Kirlian photography. And it can also be accurately measured with some electronic devices, such as the GDV camera that was developed by Dr. Constantin Korotkov.

And as a side note, I have been blessed to be able to use this device and I have measured my own energy field and the state of my energy centers also called chakras, as well as the energy field and the energy centers of a client before and after a session of energy work.

I promise I will soon make a video about this experiment that I did and exactly how it went.

You are alive now, and your body is functioning because life force energy is constantly flowing in and out of you through your energy field. And so the role of your energy field is to sustain the existence of consciousness in your physical body as a vessel for it to experience life in the material plane.

And if you were able to measure your energy field or aura, you would notice that it is changing second to second, according to internal and external factors, such as the quality of your thoughts, emotions, actions, and also environment.

And depending on the quality and strength of your energy field, the flow of life force energy through you is also constantly changing, which affects how this life force energy hardens and materializes into the physical plane as your bodily structure.

And it does not only affect your body, but it affects every experience related to your body, which is basically your entire life experience.

The influences of life force energy

As life force energy flows through you. It passes through different energy centers along your energy body that are also called chakra. These energy centers receive, move, transmute and supply the necessary energy to the different organs and functions of your body.

So when the energy flows in, through, and out of your body, without any blockage, especially not at the level of these energy centers or chakras, you’re healthy, your mind is clear and you feel calm and emotionally balanced. Because now your body is processing energy in a harmonious way, and it is constantly growing, healing, regenerating, and most importantly, releasing physical, mental, and emotional waste very efficiently.

Energy blockages, on the other hand, lead to the dysfunctioning of cells and organs in your body, which not only leads to physical disease, mental illness, and emotional imbalance, but also to a perception of life as being hard, heavy, unfair, and unsatisfying.

Which as you can imagine, or maybe have experienced yourself, creates this infinite loop and vicious circle of thoughts and emotions driving the body ill and that same illness pushing the mental and emotional state even further down, infinitely.

Until you basically choose to change something about your life and get out of that loop.

Causes of energy blockages

Energy blockages are the result of a misalignment between mind, heart, and body. In other words, when thoughts, emotions, and actions are not aligned, an energetic imbalance is created.

And when this imbalance lasts for a long period of time and is even reinforced by even more misalignments, it ends up creating an automatic pattern that becomes part of the energy structure of the body and accumulates in the form of energy blockages in the energy field.

How to release energy blockages

You have most probably heard about raising your vibration and how that can affect your health and improve your mental and emotional states.

But what does that really mean?

Put simply, the lower your vibration, the more connected you are to your instincts of survival such as fear, anxiety, and living in a fight or flight mode. And the higher your vibration, the more connected you are to your highest potential, and you generally feel happier and more at ease with life.

When you raise your vibration, you stop experiencing life as a dense energy structure. You become lighter and more connected to the other planes of existence that are in tune with a higher consciousness or a higher intelligence that is a source of inspiration and faith for example.

Raising your vibration allows life force energy to flow evenly and steadily across your energy field through the different energy channels called meridians, and in and out the energy centers that are called chakras, as mentioned earlier.

How to raise your vibration

There are many ways to raise your vibration, such as meditation, breathwork, yoga, exercising, going out in nature, and even connecting to a higher intelligence through prayer, no matter what your religion or belief is. And generally spending time feeling and experiencing states of elevated emotions, like joy, love, and gratitude.

All of these practices create very subtle changes in the structure of the energy field and release certain blockages, which facilitates the healing of the energy body and the rebalancing of the emotional and mental states.

And of course, there are many other ways that I have not mentioned here, but by far the fastest, most efficient, and most effective way I have personally found is energy work or energy healing.

Energy healing or energy work

Energy healing is the practice of moving or manipulating energy patterns in the body and within the energy field of a person to clear blockages that have caused the energy to stop flowing freely as it is supposed to.

It’s basically transforming energy at an etheric and astral level so that it materializes and hardens correctly at the level of the physical planes.

There are many modalities and schools of energy healing around the world, such as Reiki for example, which is I think, the most popular and the most known by virtually anyone. Reiki relies on the idea of the healer or practitioner channeling life force energy through higher realms and running it through the body of the client or the patient. And it is believed that this life force energy does what it needs to do, where it needs to be done.

Reiki also makes use of symbols, which are basically some sort of keys that when used during a Reiki session will unlock a program or an energy pattern that has been previously programmed in higher planes in order to assist with the healing work.

Another modality is called Quantum Touch, and it is based on the idea of the healer or practitioner raising their vibration so high through breath and body awareness, that the vibration of the client or the patient automatically ends up matching it according to the principle of resonance. And this clears any blockage or imbalance present in the energy body of the client.

I prefer by far the use of the will to move and manipulate energy; to consciously create, destroy and change patterns in the energy field of the person I’m working on, rather than relying on symbols to do the work, or maybe just waiting for the person’s vibration to match mine.

Now, this technique that I use obviously requires a special sensitivity and an ability to feel, sense, and perceive these subtle energies that are not part of the physical and material world.

And I believe that everyone has this ability and everyone can train it, just like any other skill that you want to learn. And just like I did myself with certain practices that involve meditations, breathwork, and visualizations, that kind of dissolve the veil between the physical and the non-physical if practiced diligently and allow you to perceive, feel, and to even manipulate your own energy and the energy of others if you’re serious about your practice.

Basically what I do every time I work on someone, whether in person or at a distance is that I access these subtle realms and I create some sort of an astral double of the person. It’s like the exact copy of the energetic structure that I can work on.

I can see this energetic double, I can feel it, I can manipulate it, I can move energy through it and clear any blockage and correct any imbalance before running a new stream of energy through it, to reprogram it with new information in line with the intention of the patient.

And as I’m working on this energy double, the actual energy field of the person reacts and responds in real-time to every change that I make, according to the principle of quantum entanglement.

I’m gonna explore this principle in more detail in one of my future videos.

The person can also feel the subtle movements and changes of energy within their body as they’re taking place, which is usually an eye-opening experience. And it has been the case for basically everyone that I have worked with so far because it’s so unexpected and so far from anything they could have ever imagined possible.

And it happens almost every single time. And I know it might sound woo woo, until you get to experience it.

And as the energy field of the person changes, so does the manifestation of their physical body and the way their thoughts and emotions are processed. Sometimes the changes are very subtle, but some other times they’re so great that people can literally have a hard time believing what has happened to them because their lives end up changing completely.

I’ve worked with hundreds and hundreds of people and the experience of each and every individual was completely unique.

Just have a look at the testimonials page on my website and see how every experience is special in its own way.

The effects of energy healing

As I always like to say, expect nothing and just be open to everything.

I have found that the more open a person is to the idea of literally anything being possible with energy healing, the more profound and the more meaningful their experience is.

But generally speaking, energy healing has very positive effects overall, physically, mentally, and emotionally. This list will not be exhaustive, but I will try to mention the most important changes and effects that I have experienced myself, and that have been personally reported to me by my clients.

Right after a session of energy work, people feel much lighter and much more relaxed than they have ever felt before. They feel peaceful, expanded and some even report, they feel like they have lost all sense of time for a moment.

Most people feel a considerable decrease in anxiety, stress, fear, and depression, and they report just feeling more open, energized, clearheaded, and happy.

For a lot of people, physical pain decreases significantly and even disappears sometimes whether it’s at an organ, muscle, or bone level of the body. And some people have reported suffering less from digestive and cardiovascular related issues.

And finally, we have some woo woo effects that are not so woo woo in my opinion, and these can include events that are so unlikely to happen, just taking place in the most unexpected and the most surprising ways in the lives of people who undergo energy work.These can manifest in the form of opportunities. But they can also be necessary losses that will lead to big wins along the way.

And I think there is nothing woo woo about it because I believe that we are so closely connected to everything around us, that when we’re radically change our internal structure energetically, there is no other way for it but to be reflected back in our external environment and experience.

If you want to experience energy healing yourself, feel free to head to my website and over there, you can choose to have a private session.

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