Energetic protection: How to create an energy shield in 5 minutes

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I want to explain to you what energy shielding or energy protection is because I really want you to understand just how important this practice is and why you wanna add it to your daily routine.

If you watch the video above, I will also guide you through the entire process of creating your own energetic shield, in just a few simple steps and in less than five minutes.

Your energetic shield is kind of the superpower you never really knew you had. But it’s there and it’s always been waiting for you to use it.

So let’s discover it together.

Why you need energetic protection and shielding

You have probably heard that energy is very contagious.

Think about what happens when you’re around someone who feels frustrated or angry. After a while, you might start feeling negative as well, even though you were not frustrated or angry about anything, to begin with.

You may also remember a time when you felt like you were taking in so much, and either got overwhelmed or felt down or even drained after being around certain groups of people or after spending time in some crowded places.

This can be explained by the fact that every time you got in contact with someone and had any sort of interaction in any way, shape, or form, or even simply shared physical space with others for an extended period of time, your energy and theirs started mingling and reacting to one another at a very subtle level.

And it caused either life force energy to start leaking from you, or blockages to start forming within your own energetic structure, due to a lack of coherence between your own energy, and the energy you have just absorbed.

And sometimes this can even happen without any physical contact or interaction. A single thought powered by a strong emotion is more than enough to invade someone’s energy and interact with it, and even influence and affect it.

Think of how you feel when people put demands and expectations on you. And even if they never tell you anything explicitly, you can certainly feel the energetic pressure. Or when someone is envious of you or despises you for some reason or wishes bad on you, or has any sort of negative thoughts or emotions towards you. You can feel it, and you can sense how it affects you internally, even if you haven’t seen the person or even if they are miles away from you.

I think it’s important to keep in mind that everything that I mentioned so far works in both ways, positive and negative and that we’re not really talking about only negative energies or bad vibes or whatever you wanna call them.

Just think of a time when you felt happy, open, and expanded, just after spending some time with specific people or in specific places.

Protect yourself and others energetically

And one more thing here to keep in mind as well, even if most people don’t like to hear that. But you also affect people and invade their energy sometimes, with your actions, of course, but also with thoughts and feelings that you direct to them consciously or unconsciously.

And I am mentioning this in particular because all I seem to read and listen to and watch these days tells me about how it’s important to protect myself and be safe in the world and cut off negative people, et cetera, et cetera. It feels like we tend to forget that we also affect the world around us and that we’re not only affected by it, and that we sometimes can also be negative ourselves.

And so as we think about protecting ourselves from everyone else, we need to also think about protecting others from our own negativity and make sure we don’t send out anything we don’t want to receive ourselves.

And of course, you can think to yourself that you have never intended to hurt anyone on purpose anyway. And what you need to understand is that no one invades your space or energy on purpose either. No one can influence or affect your energy without your permission.

It happens because you allow it to happen, and that’s because you’re not even aware that it’s happening. So it’s kind of your personal responsibility to protect yourself by not giving permission to anything to affect you, and by becoming aware of your own energetic boundaries.

And that’s exactly where energetic protection or energetic shielding comes to play.

Energetic protection and shielding

Shielding is one of the easiest and most effective ways to protect yourself energetically. It puts a protective layer of energy between you and whatever you have the intention to block from accessing your field.

You can also think of energy shields as an extension of your own aura or energy field. It’s really just an extension of yourself that you build energetically by focusing your mind and using your senses.

So how do you actually extend your aura? And how do you create your energetic shield?

The first thing you wanna make sure you have is a strong intention, simply because all energy work is based on intention first. You can simply repeat mentally or say to yourself that you’re building a shield to protect your energy from any intrusion or leakage.

And as you do that, you can also imagine how it would look and feel like to be surrounded by a protective layer of energy. And you don’t have to focus too much or anything. Just let your mind create a picture for you.

Then you will close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. You wanna get to the point where you feel completely relaxed, and also very focused on your intention. And breath is very effective at driving you there.

Now it’s time to create the shield. And this practice is based on breath and visualization.

You will do a few rounds of deep breaths, just like the ones you did before. But this time, every time you inhale, you need to visualize that you are absorbing white light from around you, and that white light is forming a ball of light right in the center of your chest.

When you’re done inhaling, hold at the top for a moment and observe that ball of light right in the center of your chest. Then exhale, and as you do visualize and see that ball of light radiating out through you and forming a sphere of energy around your body.

And you will repeat this process a few more times, up to 10 times if you want. Focus on how the sphere around you becomes brighter and stronger every time you exhale.

When you’re done doing about 10 breaths, pause for a moment and start sensing and feeling the completeness of the energy field that you formed around yourself.

Look around yourself with your eyes closed and picture that shield that you just created surrounding you. Hold it in place with your intention.

And for future reference, you can also make a mental note of how the shield feels like so that it’s easier for you to recreate it in the future, using memory.

If you have a hard time visualizing the shield, I’d like to give you a trick that I personally used when I just started out.

I don’t know for you, but I personally spent hours playing Sonic video games when I was a kid. And when I just got into energy work and learned about energetic shields, the first images that came to my mind were the Thunder Shield and the Magnetic Shield of Sonic that protected him against any damage or hurt throughout his journey and adventures.

So you can also use that image and visualize a similar sphere surrounding your body when you’re building your shield.

If you’re familiar with any other game or cartoon or movie that uses energy shields, you can use that too.

And just like the shields of Sonic that dissolve and disappear, real energetic shields also don’t last forever, and you have to renew them a few times throughout the day.

When you first start this practice, you will actually need to recreate your energetic shield very often. It will dissolve, and it will break down because you’re not consciously holding it in your mind. And also because of the influence of external energy interacting with it.

But the more you practice, the more ingrained it becomes in your subconscious mind, and it will stay strong and present around you for longer periods of time. Because part of your subconscious mind will be holding it up for you, just like it does for your body functions that you don’t even think about.

And because this practice is actually very fast and simple, you can easily make it part of your daily routine. You can do it every day before you step out of your room in the morning, or anytime you wanna leave your place.

So go for it, and tell me about your experience in the comments.

For a guided practice of creating your personal energy shield, you can watch the video I made that guides you through the entire process in less than 5 minutes.

And if you want to learn more about energetics in general, I recommend that you go watch my video about energy healing and how it works.