I’ve been following Hatim’s work for about two years now and just about last year I got the opportunity to witness and experience his gifts myself. I have been part of the group energy healing circle, got two tarot readings & also an individual energy healing session with him. Each experience was highlighted by his calm, gentle nature, and his amazing intuition, which was always on point regarding all the things I needed to know at that given time. Hatim, thank you for the clarity, guidance, and constant support throughout this journey.

— Ema, Romania

The month I worked with Hatim was one of the best months I’ve had in the last few years. I had more energy which helped me make some changes had been putting off for a while. The energy work we did open me up to life. I got out of my isolation and started going out again. During that month, I also was able to finally make a decision on investing in a program to upgrade my skills. With Hatim’s help, I got over the hump and made the decision to invest. Also, do not overlook his Healing Circle and the guided meditations he does there. Some of the releases and experiences I had with them were the sort of thing that can radically change someone’s perspective if done consistently. So if energy work is something you are drawn to, I promise Hatim is your guy – he is an energy worker that is down to earth and relatable which was important to me, and it was a pleasure to work with him and gain a friend like him.

— Chirag, United States

I loved working with Hatim! I was going through a difficult time and felt drained before I decided to reach out to him. The energy healing session with him helped me a lot! I felt reborn after, fully energized, more clarity, and so much lighter ever since. Something has definitely shifted within me. Hatim is incredibly knowledgeable, highly intuitive, has a very calming energy, and makes you feel so safe and seen. He was even able to point out what my biggest struggles and limiting beliefs were without me telling him and suggested what I could do to work on those! Amazing experience!

— Selin, Germany

For a while, I wanted to book a session with Hatim and I am so glad I finally did! I never had an energy healing session before, so that was the first time. During the session, I felt deeply relaxed and at some point, when my awareness was in my heart, there was so much I needed to experience and I felt different emotions, felt so safe to express anything, and such joy and pure love within me, and a song came in my mind all of a sudden that really touched my heart deeply, as I was so connected with the deepest part of myself. The next day I felt a huge release from my heart, from heaviness to immense joy and love within myself and all around me. I am so grateful for you Hatim, such a precious soul ready to help! I am so thankful for this session as it helped me in such a profound way!

— Ramona, United Kingdom

I have bipolar depression and have been stuck for the longest rut of my life for about the last year. Nothing could pull me out of it. I had no energy, no desire to see friends and I couldn’t find anything to be excited about in my life. During the session with Hatim, I felt nothing. When we were done, I called my friend who recommended him and told her it didn’t work. But the very next morning I woke up with a ton of energy! I was genuinely happy and it was a weird feeling after many months of heaviness. I thought I was manic, but when I am I burn out really quickly and fall into a deep depression again. It’s now been a month since the session with Hatim and I still have tons of energy every day. I’m happy, social, reconnecting with old friends, productive, and excited about any surprises tomorrow holds. It’s insane. I haven’t felt this light and free and optimistic for as long as I can remember. Since the morning after the session, I felt less like a solid brick in my chest. It feels like there’s finally room there to breathe. Thank you for everything you’ve done during this session Hatim! It’s really been life-changing for me.

– Jessica, United States

Hatim is the first healer that actually spoke to my heart in a healing language that felt like my own inner voice. He is real and authentic and that is important to me when I turn to an expert to guide me. In essence, he connects with the soul and he is incredibly gifted in what he gives out to others. I myself have deep knowledge about card readings and I am someone who used to follow and receive readings from so many readers in the past, yet Hatim is my top Tarot reader and I would recommend him without thinking twice.

– Saliha, Australia

Hatim was kind during the whole session and was able to unblock my energy even when I was thinking a lot in my mind. Then during the days that followed, he would often check up on me and give me advice on how to make the most of the experience and feel better. Many thanks to you.

– Othman, Canada

This was the best experience I have ever had! I had an energy healing session with Hatim and it was eye-opening for me. I recognized feelings I didn’t know I had and I felt in a very secure place with him by my side guiding me! He even followed up on me after. In order to find peace within me. I have tried Reiki, chakra therapy, tarot, and many more things in the past, but this gave me the chance to face a reality inside me that I was not aware I needed to deal with. It gave me the strength to do it with much more wisdom and love for myself. I will be forever grateful to Hatim because he showed me love, and that happiness was inside me, I just had to allow myself to feel what I was feeling and not let it consume me. It may sound too perfect and easy, but until you experience it you won’t believe it!​

– Valeria, Spain

After escaping a very abusive and toxic relationship and trying every healing modality possible, I reached out to Hatim to do a few energy sessions. He was so kind, compassionate, and very professional during the sessions. I felt comfortable and safe letting him into my energy field and knew that I was doing the right thing. After each session, I felt more energized, alive, and more like me! He helped me clear away a lot of trauma and energetic debris and I can’t thank him enough for helping me to be free from the chains I was in. Hatim is an excellent and skilled healer and I always recommend him to everyone!

– Cheyenne, Canada

Hatim, I just wanted to say that since our session yesterday I’ve felt much more positive about a lot of things and my energy feels so much better and lighter. I also had a very in-depth dream last night that I was able to remember with so many messages when waking up which is very unusual!

– Laura, United States

The first time I ever worked with Hatim was during one of his group energy healing sessions that he has on Sundays. I did feel so good afterward so I decided to book a personal session for deeper energy healing. Before meeting with Hatim I had been healing from childhood traumas and was very prone to absorbing energies from others. After the session, I’ve been having a lot of energy and learned more about how to heal my energy on my own. During the session, I literally felt suppressed energy leaving my body. I didn’t feel any emotion during the session but as the days passed I started having memories about painful times that caused trauma to sink deep into my body. I was able to feel and release those emotions and what resulted from this was pure positive emotion and high energy. My family, friends, and clients have made comments on how my positive energy has influenced them and is refreshing to be around. As of recently I have been more compassionate, aware, and expressive.

– Darlene, United States

The first time I ever worked with Hatim When things cleanse inside you, your environment shifts. I kept seeing Hatim offering energy healing and I decided to first read the testimonials and I booked. I cannot express enough gratitude for my session. Hatim’s ability to read my energy and see what I wanted him to see with my intention was simply, flabbergasting. The first 48 hours after were mind-blowing as to the positive messages the universe kept sending to validate my intentions. If you are in doubt, don’t be! I received so much love and healing with one session and I’ve never experienced this with almost a year of psychotherapy. Again my gratitude is bountiful Hatim, thank you so much!

– Breanne, United States

Working with Hatim over the past few months of my life as I’ve been traversing some difficult life challenges has been profoundly transformative. He has a very magical way of holding space in a non-judgmental manner. I’ve worked with many “energy healers” and “therapists” before, and none have helped me as much as he has. What’s the difference I’ve noticed? Hatim is LEGIT. He doesn’t just talk the talk, he does the work for himself too, and in that way, he becomes a clear channel for guidance and healing. He’s grounded, kind hearted, and highly intuitive. Through his guidance and unwavering support, I’ve been able to reclaim my joy and re-attune to my instincts. The clarity he has awoken in me through the energy work we did together has forever changed me. He has helped remind me of who I am. If you’ve been on the fence or skeptical about working with him, I’d like to encourage you to reach out. If you’re actually ready to do the work of healing, let this be your sign that he is your facilitator for transformation.

– Jamie, United States

Blessings for opening the pathway to releasing my pain-body earlier this week. Energy work is no joke! Energy knows no bounds… You worked on me from Morocco and I felt so many shifts happening in my body. You are a powerful and gifted healer – you showed me grace for my healing process, but pushed/triggered me just enough to wake up to what I have been asleep to and not looking at. I think this is an amazing skill that many healers usually take years to learn. Continue being so upfront and honest in your work.​

– Hayley, United States

The pragmatic in me never quite believed in the power of energy. I only trusted what I saw with my own eyes and your healing session was an insane revelation for me! Feeling my belly reacts to a crystal digging deep in my aches without even touching me and unraveling the anxiety behind all my physical issues. Feeling my third eye for the first time, my throat pressured from all my unspoken truths, communicating for the first time ever with the unseen. How can I ever thank you enough for this beautiful eye-opening experience! There is so much to life than we allow ourselves to believe in.

– Fatim-Zahra, Morocco

My heart cracked open with so much light and energy after my session with Hatim. I felt an immense flow of energy pouring out to others and an openness to receive and show up with no censoring. I experienced no resistance or procrastination to flow with what surfaces in my day. In my cycling class this morning, oxygen was pumping into my heart and expanding me to my fullest power. I beat my normal score with a smooth ride. Opening our hearts is a choice in every moment and Hatim helped me to see the key and open wide my heart.

– Ghada, Dubai

I had a session with Hatim. He is so thorough! He helped me to release some energy that I didn’t even know that I was holding on to. After the session, Hatim continues to follow up with me. I believe that he really cares about the people with whom he connects. If you are on a healing journey or even a little curious do not hesitate to reach out to him. Many many blessings my friend!​

– Qiana, United States

I think it’s best to make my testimonial short and worthwhile. I booked the 3-session energy healing program with Hatim for the duration of a month. And I can honestly say that it has helped me a lot on many levels. Mentally, physically, and emotionally. Hatim was very supportive and always there when I needed him. In short, he is a trustworthy professional. This experience, though challenging, is really an eye-opener. Those are honestly the only words I could find to describe what I experienced.

– Aws, Palestine

This was a very profound experience for me! My first distant energy healing session and I am in awe of the experience and the information shared by Hatim about my imbalances. I appreciate the very graceful process, professionalism, and this beautiful gift he is sharing with the world. Thank you again and again, it won’t be the last!​

– Imane, Netherlands

Thank you for the session. It was really powerful tonight, the energy was very strong I felt it all the way through my body. My arms and feet were also feeling like they were buried under giant sandbags, and my sacrum was buzzing with energy that felt almost like excitement and butterflies. I could feel the energy rushing in my third eye through my body and out of my feet. The experience was, to be honest, lovely. I feel great and I am still enjoying the after buzz of it! Thank you for a lovely session.

– Joe, United Kingdom

Hatim promptly helped me when I most needed it. The energy healing session was very special even though I felt very blocked to receive his magic. It was a real eye-opener our conversation after! He also shared a very special meditation with me that has been helping me heal gradually after I met him. Thank you so much. I’m very grateful to get such a good session in the comfort of my home.

– Mariana, Australia

Brother, the energy healing session was absolutely AMAZING! Thank you so much! I never felt an energy like this before in my body. But also what I think is even more interesting is the details about my life that you were able to bring to the surface, and the advice on what I should improve and focus on to make it better. This was pretty accurate, thank you for showing me what I wasn’t able to see! Much more people need to try and work with you, it can help them a lot.​

– Jihad, Morocco

Thank you very much, Hatim for sharing your gift. I had so many unspoken truths and emotional baggage that you helped me release and this was truly an eye-opening experience. After our session I have been able to make many changes happen in my life while having mental clarity like never before, allowing me to do what I have to do without attending so much to my anxiety. And discussing everything with you comes effortlessly… You are such an amazing person and I am so grateful.

– Felicia, Malaysia

Hatim’s intuition and guidance were extraordinary. I’ve had energy healing before but not like this. He is obviously connected to the Source. If you need help with anything please don’t hesitate to contact him for a session. He came to me in Divine timing and I know he will for you as well wherever you are.​

– Karen, United States

Thank you for sharing your amazing gift with me, I am surprised by the power of energy healing, how it gave me clarity and how it has helped with the therapy I am following. I am truly amazed by the power of energy work and shocked by all the shifts that I felt happening in my body during the session. Things were there all the time and have been actually just revealed thanks to you. It’s like the energy healing gave it a mic to speak louder so I can finally hear it and understand it. You are truly gifted, keep spreading your gift and knowledge.

– Sahar, Morocco

I was totally unfamiliar with what energy healing was or anything related to it. But thank you for taking the time to answering all my questions carefully and making me feel the trust and confidence to have a session. Thank you so much Hatim!! Through this I was able to realize things and feelings that were holding me back and now I am aware and conscious of them. Now I can take charge and work more on myself. Thank you for being so kind and caring!​

– Patricia, United States

Hatim, I want to first thank you! From the bottom of my soul! I know you say it’s the energy and doing the work and while that is part of it, you are true, such a genuine kind soul. From another country through that energy you have changed my life. You were spot on about my fears and frustration with things in my life. From losing my faith to speaking my truth, right down to conversations I was going to have! It was nothing short of craziness. Those sharp pains in my back came from nowhere.. so I thought! I have always believed in the power of energy but you have brought me to a greater height. I left my home after our session only to be confronted by the woman my ex cheated with. 10 years later in a town, she lived nowhere near. You said I would have conversations and there it was, staring right back at me! My week continued on, removing a toxic relationship from my life I tried for three years to do! I felt great about it too! I felt lighter and happier. Then most recently I was moved to a new team at work and I was devastated until I meditated last night and realized yet again here it is. This is the faith I was lacking. I went to work in a better place today knowing this is where I am meant to be with better, kinder, people and less toxic. I will continue to do the work and be a better person, always working on my energy. But I am most looking forward to our next sessions, to meditate with you, to help heal, to vibrate higher.​

– Jeanine, United States

I have been following Hatim’s work for more than a year now, and when he started offering distant healing sessions I didn’t think twice before booking one. However, nothing could have prepared me for the intense energy that would flow through my body during the session. Despite not being in the same space, he was able to read my energy and create physical pressure points in my body where healing was required, which for me was felt deeply in my abdomen and throat. The physical sensations continued to be felt in the days following the session as well. He was also able to relate specific pressure points to either previous diseases or to accurate past experiences and traumas I had. The energy ready he gave me after the session was all on-point and his guidance for inner work in earnest, honest and all-heart. He is highly intuitive, kind, patient and extremely professional. I am grateful for the wonderful session and the many learnings that have been shared. Thank you so much!​

– Shafneen, Dubai

I can not thank Hatim enough. I came across his profile on Instagram and was a bit skeptical at first but after seeing his online reviews I said what can I lose!? At the beginning of our session I could tell he was experienced and had a kind soul and great intentions. We went through our session and after we finished I felt SO amazing I’ve never felt this feeling before. Hatim told me in the next 2-3 days some things would happen that I should pay attention to and share with him. Needless to say, I’ve finally been able to let go of toxic people in my life but also restore some damaged relationships. This same week I feel like I met my soulmate but I’m going to take it slow and see what happens next.​

– Timo, United States

Thank you Hatim! Your energy healing session was an eye-opening experience for me. I used to be a stranger to the energy world, but I have to admit that I was missing a lot. This session relieved me from a heavy weight that I was carrying without even knowing about it. Your explanation left me speechless. It was accurate and opened me to all the emotional baggage that I was still carrying from both my childhood and adulthood. Thank you again for the devotion and for the amazing work you did helping me free my energy. I felt comfortable discussing very personal issues with you after the session, you have all it takes to hold space for people and make them open up to you and feel comfortable, safe and understood.​

– Kenza, Morocco

I was having a very hard time the last few months. Feeling drained, overwhelmed and having lots of anxiety. I had been seeing Hatim’s profile come up on my page but there was something that drew me to him. I don’t know what it was, but something called me to him. So I decided one day to reach out, and see if he can help me. Hatim has a very gentle, natural way about him and he was very comfortable to talk to. After our 1st session, immediately I felt a shift with me. I felt more lighter, less tension in my body and more clear on what I needed to do. I had this constant tightness in my chest and that had suddenly went away after our 1st energy healing. I felt certain things were lifted and no longer attached to me. We had another energy healing session today and his words and healing has opened me completely up. I have more clarity, I feel happier and at peace. Anyone looking for energy healing I highly recommend to reach out to Hatim. He is a blessing & will surely help you feel healing that you need.

– Crystal, Canada

I’ve dealt with one of the toughest times in my life thus far and I have to say Hatim, you’ve made me feel so strong and capable to overcome it! I’m always in awe of your energy healing sessions. Working with you this past year, opening all my chakras and especially the expansion of my heart has given me so much hope and exceptional results. I see the beauty within myself and around me! And I cannot thank you enough for that! You are one of kind. So grateful to have this opportunity to work through this with you!

– Alexandra, United States

Hatim was sensitive, easy to get on with and we got straight to work. He knows exactly what he was doing and I trusted him throughout. After my session with Hatim, I had a couple of down days which was a good thing as I was releasing what no longer served me. After that, BOOM… I felt so much lighter and in my own power! There’s techniques he made me visualize which I still use today. I can’t recommend him enough!​

– Sheena, United Kingdom

My last session with Hatim was beautiful. He was able to tell me where in my body I hold resentment and gave me wonderful techniques on how to first acknowledge it and then move it out the body. I’ve done a few sessions with Hatim and am astonished every single time. He is an incredibly gifted healer and while he is working on you, you can feel the energy do its work on your body. I will forever be grateful for the time I get to share with Hatim. I don’t even recognize the man. It was a year ago and Hatim played an impossible role in that. ​

– Rafael, United States

I really enjoyed work with Hatim. He is kind, intuitive and a great person to talk to if you want to be enlighten. I booked healing sessions with him because I was dealing with some difficult emotions. He talked me through on how to disrupt negative thought patterns. The reframing I have been using was game changer! I am more aware now when negative thoughts come up – I am less reactive and feel more in control. This shifted in perspective has help me tremendously in shifting my energy to what I want in my life instead. I am so grateful for this healing experience!​​

– Kounthea, United States

I have been working with Hatim for several months now. I tried a single session and I felt so comfortable that I booked 3-session program. Hatim has a very calming presence and I absolutely love our sessions. He has a gentle, kind spirit and I really feel that he truly wants to help me find the tools to live my best life. During our sessions, I feel safe and relaxed which allows me to get the most out of them. If you are not sure what to focus on, Hatim helps you figure out what you would like your intention to be so that you can get the most benefit. I can tell that he knows many different techniques as well, since I am familiar with some of the things that he has recommended. I highly recommend working with Hatim!

– Judy, United States

I had a great session with Hatim. I wasn’t quite sure what we were going to be doing and he walked me through it perfectly. He took his time and answered any of my questions I had. It was very pleasant healing experience and I will definitely be booking another session in the future.

– Randy, United States

This was such a wonderful experience. It was amazing to feel my energy completely shift, and it felt like a huge weight was lifted off of me. I was left with a great sense of clarity, which I’m so grateful for. You have a wonderful gift for healing, thank you for answering all of my questions, and being so kind and compassionate with me.​

– Ashley, United States

Hatim was very approachable, calm and understanding. He instructed me clearly what will be the process. He has this very light and positive spirit in him that made me relax. He felt what I felt and pointed out what I couldn’t express. Told me right on point what it was that is my issue and gave me ideas how to resolve it. I felt relieved and light. I feel good now as he pointed my childhood trauma and issue and how to work on them.​

– Yam, Dubai

Thank you for helping me see life differently. After talking to Hatim and realizing he could feel things in me I didn’t even think he would, I decided to book an energy healing session. It was the best experience ever! I’ve never felt an energy like this go through me. Thanks for the amazing experience and the things you have shared with me. I can’t recommend him enough, I’ll definitely book another session.

– Erika, Peru

Hatim! I want to thank you again for such an amazing program you introduced me to! Every single session gave me so much clarity. You helped me release a lot of trauma and burdens I’ve been carrying with me that weighed me down so intensely. I really see a difference in the way I think and react to different scenarios. Thank you so very much for helping me see the light.

– Alexandra, United States

I had the opportunity to do the energy healing program with Hatim. During these 3 sessions, he has been really patient and thoughtful, giving me time to integrate all the changes that I have been experiencing. It was amazing to feel how the energy got into my body and cleaned up each part of me. I was able to see with eyes closed, and saw this energy moving from the top of my head to my toes. At the end I left a huge weight off of me. All the healing sessions left me feeling lighter and with my mind much clearer. Hatim gave me some exercises to do in between sessions. Those exercises have been revealing, they show some parts of myself I didn’t even know they existed. I could realize what I have to do in order to feel lighter and happier, and also taught me how to protect my own energy. This for me has been life changing. I cannot thank you enough Hatim.

– Claudia, Belgium

If you believe in the power of change, there is no better catalyst than the gentle spirit that Hatim has, to set forth a path to build new opportunities for yourself. No blockage, challenge, or hardship is strong enough for your own power to overcome. But if you ever find yourself in need of help, Hatim’s work is the place to go. Just wait and see… miracles lie ahead.

– Mariana, Mexico

I absolutely loved my session with Hatim! Hatim’s energy was incredibly warm, kind and genuine – I felt immediately at ease upon meeting him. The session itself was calming and grounding, but what really impressed me the most was how clearly Hatim was able to see what was blocked within me. He picked up on the energies & patterns I was holding onto in my body, and was able to clearly articulate how they were manifesting emotionally. It was incredibly eye opening to have Hatim so accurately mirror what I was holding onto and help bring it to the surface. Hours after the session, I was in a feeling of incredible flow and lightness I hadn’t felt in a long time. Would absolutely recommend an energy session with Hatim!

– Kristen, United States

Doing energy work with Hatim was an amazing experience. He was very thorough in explaining what the session would entail and guided me through the entire process. I was able to drop into the meditation almost immediately and was taken on a journey into my inner world. I immediately could feel where I have blocks and was able to sit with and observe the emotions that were coming up. After the meditation Hatim was able to also recognize the same blocks that I could feel and helped me better understand how to work with and through the energy. After our session I felt a great sense of clarity that I can still feel today. This energy work is still working through my body every day and I am grateful for getting the opportunity to work with Hatim!

– Cristi, United States

I had a great experience working with Hatim on his one on one energy sessions. He helped me clear through some stagnant energy from my body. He was also great at giving me feedback and suggestions of different exercises that I could do to help me with my energy and confidence. With some of the exercises I have felt a shift in my energy and haven’t been feeling as drained as I was due to allowing outside energy to drain me. He also suggested some great books that would help with my process going forward. I appreciated that he would follow up with me after the sessions to see how I was doing and feeling. Grateful I got to work with him and experience his gifts through energy work.

– Claudia, United States

I came to Hatim after a recommendation. I tried to be open to whatever arose and what arose was much more than I expected. The energy clearing sessions were amazing and obviously very needed—but more importantly to me personally, was the clarity he provided via our conversations—from an obvious connection to the source—conversations which left me feeling very resilient and positive. I now have direction and peace—profound and AMAZING experience!!!

– Jorge, United States

I started working with Hatim when I had no clarity about the challenge I was facing. With his sessions, it gradually became clear what the challenge was. As we discovered the challenge, I found Hatim’s patience to sit with it quite helpful. He didn’t rush to solution. He didn’t push me to solve it right then and there. Instead, he created the safe space that I needed to accept and understand the challenge I was facing. With such understanding, the solutions became inevitable in unexpected ways. Thank you for being you, Hatim. Your energy work helped me when I wasn’t sure what help I was needing. Thank you. And loads of best wishes to you.

– Ashi, India